What Activities Can Help You Achieve Relaxation?

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Stress has become an overwhelming factor in too many people’s lives, with three in every four people in the United States reporting that they have experienced a symptom of stress in the past month. That has only increased in recent times as the world battles a global pandemic and social injustices. While it’s natural to get affected by the world around us and with our struggles, chronic stress can take its toll on our overall well-being and can even get in the way of how productive and happy we can be.

Even as people spend more time at home now, there are several ways to decompress and destress while focusing on an activity. Try some of these if you want a relaxing new activity to try:


This activity has been around for centuries and still stands the test of time as a relaxing pastime that can also stimulate your creative side and let you end up with a finished product you can use or give to a loved one. Though it certainly takes some time to master, just getting into the different fabrics and ways to go about it can pass the time quickly, and it is rewarding from the start. Gone are the days where there is a stereotype that it is a hobby reserved for retirees and recluses alone, though those groups should still be free to quilt as they please.

Studies have been conducted to get into why it such a relaxing activity that helps with stress management. It seems that this activity is creatively stimulating and visually satisfying for the mind. It feels purposeful and allows the mind to focus on busywork that is more accessible. As you learn more and develop your crafts, you’ll also be opened up to a large and joyful community where you can learn new projects, share gifts, and even take part in quilt tours.


Another activity that offers a good breather is baking. The steps that go into baking may be intensive, but it is still regarded as one of the most effective destressing actions you can take. It’s evident just how popular this is with social media becoming filled with posts about people’s forays into making delectable desserts and bread. According to psychologists, this activity triggers all of our senses in a pleasant and stimulating way. From there, it can do wonders in alleviating anxiety, especially during tumultuous times. It’s a therapeutic practice that also lets you make some comfort food in the end.



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It seems like everyone is loving house plants these days, and you can see it from the presence of healthy succulents pretty much in every modern design, be it a house or apartment. Taking care of something that can give clean air as it blooms has its own satisfaction, but gardening can also be relaxing even as you are mindful.

Studies have also shown that regular gardening helps fight against depression and anxiety, on top of providing several other health benefits.

These activities can help you take a break from the stressful parts of life while allowing you to have a platform for passion projects and creative concerns. Consider what fits your lifestyle to experience the benefits it can give you.

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