Travel With Baby | Planning Your Best Summer Getaway With a Baby or Toddler

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Planning a vacation trip with a baby can be daunting — it does not matter if it is the first time, the second, or nth time you did it. Especially with this current pandemic, there are plenty of safety and health concerns you need to consider.

Nonetheless, you and your family earned the right to recharge after the turmoil of last year. So, apart from getting the necessary vaccines, checking the CDC’s Traveler’s Health page, and picking the right destination, you need to consider these things as well.

1. Check Family Insurance Coverage

The first thing you need to check when traveling with your family — particularly with a baby is your travel insurance policy. A good travel insurance coverage not only includes delays, missed flights, and missing baggage. It also ensures coverage for interruptions due to other factors like pre-existing conditions and bankruptcy.

Check the medical insurance inclusions to make sure you would not be charged with any out-of-network fees and deductibles in any case a family member meets a medical emergency. However, this pointer is significant during normal circumstances, more so with the COVID-19 pandemic still lurking.

2. Pick the Right Resort to Stay

An all-inclusive resort may sound ideal, especially if you are vacationing with an infant or a toddler. However, in light of the current pandemic, most resorts would not offer the typical all-inclusive perks. Also, not all parents are comfortable with the idea of making use of kids’ clubs and childcare at the moment.

Nonetheless, if circumstances improve in the coming months, keep in mind that not all “family-friendly” all-inclusive resorts could cater to the needs of a family with a baby or toddler.

For instance, some resort restaurants do not allow kids under 12 years of age to dine in. Some kids’ clubs or childcare do not cater to infants. So, before choosing a venue to stay in, make a thorough selection.

3. Reality Check if Staying with Friends or Family

Who does not love vacationing with a baby with more helping hands and loving arms nearby? However, it is definitely not a good idea to stay in with family or friends with the current health crisis.

Getting tested before traveling, wearing masks while at the airports and airplanes, and undergoing quarantine do not guarantee against virus transmission. As we have witnessed during the 2020 winter holiday season, even those family and friends visiting with all good intentions contributed to a surge in new COVID-19 cases.

The new COVID-19 variant originated in India has already made its way in the U.S. Though the U.S. has high vaccination rates, researchers are still on the lookout as the new variant has defied expectations and affected thousands of Indians each day.

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4. Weather-proof

We all know how important it is to prepare for any season or climate when traveling. But it is more so if you are vacationing with a baby or toddler.

It does not mean that you have to cancel plans of going to tropical places or regions with extreme heat altogether since you are traveling with a baby. What you need to do, though, is to prepare for any possible challenges that you might encounter at your destination.

Make sure you carry with you enough sunscreen, breathable baby clothes, mosquito repellents, and other helpful items to keep you, your baby, and the whole family comfortable throughout the trip.

5. Bring Only Useful Baby Gear

You might have often heard and read suggestions to “wear” your baby when vacationing. But consider this: would you really enjoy sightseeing with all the weight you have to carry? Will your feet and back still be in good shape afterward?

Baby strollers are extremely useful for many purposes — napping, makeshift diaper-changing station, or a restaurant high chair. Rather than completely do away with strollers and other baby gears, consider bringing one or two. Check reviews of baby gear for must-have baby gear and equipment for traveling.

6. Pick a Family-friendly Destination Guide

Traveling in Europe during your college days is totally different when traveling with a baby or toddler. No longer would local bars and nightclubs be the best places to visit.

Instead, museums, parks, and other family-centered attractions should be on your bucket list destinations. There are plenty of free travel guides you can find online that will help you navigate family-friendly destinations.

As with other things in life, not every trip would go on as planned. Nonetheless, it should not get your spirit down and make you cancel travel altogether.

Whenever things do not go according to plan, learn to improvise. Do not stress it out. Babies might be tiny creatures, but they are resilient and flexible people. Rather than worry yourself too much, take it easy. And, may these suggestions help you out on your travel plans this summer.

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