Four Secrets to a Happier Life

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Some say the worst vice is advice. Still, it doesn’t hurt to listen to it and put it in place in your life if it will bring you benefits, happiness, and success. Here are four of the most important pieces to achieving them.

Taking a Chance at Love

If I tell you the name Alfred Lord Tennyson, chances are you will have no idea who I am referring to. If I go deeper and mention his most important poem, In Memoriam:27 you still won’t recognize him. Yet, if I recite the most famous line from this verse, you will know who I am talking about.

In case you haven’t guessed it, here it is: “’tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” Of course, we don’t know whether dear Alfred ever experienced the true, agonizing pain of heartbreak or if he was talking out of his butt. Nevertheless, his words are indeed true.

Few things are more fulfilling than loving somebody and having that love in return, if only for an instant. So take a chance. Save a few dollars and buy that special lady an expensive necklace or ring. And tell her how you feel. The things we most regret in life are, oftentimes, not the ones we did but those we didn’t even try.

Learning a New Language

Most parents believe the more languages their children learn and can master, the greater the opportunities they will have in their future lives and careers. Whether it is Spanish, Chinese, Italian, or French, being able to speak a second or third tongue is a great advantage to have in the corporate arena.

But the acquisition of a new language is not only about the probability of making more money or standing tall among your former classmates in your next high school or university reunion. It is also about understanding other people and the reasons why they do the things they do. It’s about immersing yourself in another culture, trying a wide variety of dishes, and learning in detail the many idiosyncrasies present in individuals from different regions and countries.

Remember, the better we can communicate with others, the more fruitful, mutually beneficial relationships we can build, and the more we will grow.

Risking Happiness

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One of the most popular James Bond movies ever made is the 1967 action thriller You Only Live Twice starring the late, great Sean Connery. Sadly, this isn’t true. We only get to go through this life once, and, irrespective of medical, anatomical, and scientific development, our time on earth is limited.

As such, our goal should be to maximize the minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years we have and take advantage of what we can do now, in this present moment. Before we know it, we will be in our fifties and sixties, and the only thing that will remain is the cherished memories of what we once did.

Naturally, we must not forget that risk is something challenging but not impossible. Jumping out of a plane without a parachute or swimming in a snake-infested river is not a risk but rather an act of stupidity and carelessness. Risk is something that requires effort but will in the end yield great results.

Putting in the Effort

As you get older, the only way you will have peace of mind is if you know you gave it your best. Whether you succeed or fail, living the dream is not the accomplishment or even the recognition that comes with it. After all, the verb “living” is an example of the present progressive tense, not the past nor the future. As a result, it entails continuous action, constant effort, and hard work.

We are all given different qualities and various skills. And all of us, no matter who we are or where we are from, are granted more than one. Similarly, nobody is good at everything, regardless of whether it might seem like it at first glance.

What you choose to do with the abilities you have is up to you. Talent that is nurtured flourishes and can fly. But it also goes stale and eventually disappears if you don’t water it, take care of it, and tend to it with effort, responsibility, and diligence. The worst thing you can do is letting it go to waste.

If you want to be happy, find that special someone to share your life with and learn a new language. Risk the chance of happiness and give it your best in everything that you do. They will take you one step closer to the life you want and truly deserve.

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