Three Gift Ideas for Dads and Brothers

Girl surprising his dad with a gift

Birthday coming up? A big promotion to celebrate? It can be daunting to come up with gifts to give to the people you love, especially when you feel like whatever they want they’ve already bought. It definitely requires a bit more creativity and thinking out of the box. Here are some ideas that can help you come up with the perfect gift.

1. Things they may have neglected

Whether they’re working a high-powered job or working long hours on their creative pursuits, living a full life can sometimes cause some things to fall through—especially the most basic of things. You’ll be surprised how many working professionals neglect the maintenance of things like their vehicles or homes.

A great gift is a gift card or a “sponsored” trip to a machine shop in Salt Lake City. Bring your dad or your brother along with their favorite ride to the shop and pay for some routine maintenance and maybe even add-ons. They’ll be surprised at how thoughtful this gift is and how it’s exactly what they need even when they never thought of it!

In the same vein, small home items that they’ve neglected to replace or put in a rotation is also a great choice. Think better sheets, a mattress topper or a good vacuum. If you want to go an extra mile, gift them with a deep clean from a professional cleaner. Who knows how many years it has been since they’ve had their couches and beds cleaned? This translates into better sleep and a better home environment that they’ll surely appreciate.

2. A watch or a watch strap

Person holding a watch in a storeOkay, so a watch isn’t really a unique gift idea for men, especially since it’s usually one of the first things you’ll think of when coming up with gifts for men living busy lifestyles. If you have a watch in mind or you know what they want that they don’t have yet, sure, go ahead. However, consider gifting them with a routine cleaning for all their watches or a good strap replacement for their daily wear timepiece. It’s a unique and thoughtful gift.

3. Pay for subscriptions

In the era of streaming, subscriptions are king. There are a lot of new and up and coming streaming services that not only offer new content but also becoming more and more specialized. Sure, the person you’re looking to give a gift to probably already has most of the popular streaming services but go the extra mile by researching what services they still don’t have or what their specific interests are and look for a service serving up a lot of content in those tips.

An example is CuriosityStream for people interested in science documentaries or maybe League Pass if they’re into sports. They’ll never miss a game again! Pay for a year or two of the subscription upfront as a gift. It will be appreciated.

These are just some ideas that will surely go over great with whomever you want to give a gift to. Remember, it’s always the thought that counts. Good luck!

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