The Basics of PDO Threads

For many people who are aging and interested in cosmetic procedures, a fear of going under the knife can be a major factor that prohibits them from getting plastic surgery. If you would like the benefits of a facelift without the surgical aspects of it, you might want to consider an alternative like a PDO thread procedure. According to the video “How Nonsurgical Face-Lifts Work With PDO Threads | Beauty Transformations | Insider Beauty,” these are dissolvable sutures placed under the skin to help improve facial tension while producing collagen as they dissolve. This makes them ideal for people who are worried about losing collagen as well as those who have concerns related to sagging facial skin.

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A PDO thread procedure is relatively non-invasive. It involves placing sutures under the skin while the area that is being worked on is numbed. This can be distressing for some patients who are squeamish or don’t like the idea of needles, so you should discuss any phobias or other concerns with your treatment provider before you move forward with the procedure. Since it’s not surgical, you can expect the recovery process to be easier than a surgical facelift. Swelling, tenderness, and other symptoms are common for recovery from PDO threads. Unless you have an allergic reaction to the suture materials, everything should be smooth sailing.

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