Rustic, Regal, or Quirky on the Day You Tie the Knot

barn wedding

The day you get married should not be a low key affair. It’s a day that should stand out from almost every other day in your life. It’s the day you transition from being one person into another, not entirely different but certainly not the same. You may want it to be elegant and tasteful, and that’s fine. But the effort should be made to distinguish it as a special event celebrated not only by the couple to be wed but by your community of family and friends.

How you carry yourself every day will decide what kind of wedding you’ll have, and this is more important than most people may think. It’s about putting your best foot forward at the start of a venture. In most cases, you wouldn’t turn up on your first day of work in a sweat suit. Why would you start your marriage in anything less than the best you could do?

Rustic wedding

A wedding set to a rustic theme can immediately transport people away from everyday concerns, especially if the party consists of people who come from very urbanized areas.

A rustic wedding is not only very pretty, it’s theme is deeply rooted in something big and timeless. Rustic weddings held in the right wedding venue connect all who participate in the celebration to a feel of nature. This lends a sense of something real but magical, ancient but ongoing. Nature constantly renews itself and does not fade. It is not artificial but as true as the trees themselves. Vows are exchanged in solemn but delightful surroundings and everything feels just right.

Regal wedding

wedding dress, shoes and boquet

Getting married in a stately home or other types of grand building is again, about removing yourself from the normal life and joining in something that is bigger than yourself. Splendor and luxurious surroundings don’t just automatically spring from nowhere. They require wealth, work, ingenuity, and culture. Getting married to such a theme embeds the ceremony in the deepest values and traditions that make a civilization flourish.

Many may not find this theme as appealing in more modern times, but this type of venue has an old-world charm that still resonates strongly with many couples.

What About the Quirky?

Some couples just want to get married in a completely different way. There are now many unusual venues that can be used for wedding ceremonies and celebrations. These range from getting married in underwater buildings, spooky-themed establishments, or even museums. Again, this is a great attempt to create a special and lasting memory upon which further ones can be built.

There’s now no end to the different places and themes a marriage can take place in. What’s important is that the theme and venue make the day stand out. Even venues that many would seem daft or kitsch become terribly romantic if they host a wedding.

There’s no need to throw a lavish wedding of Indian proportions, that lasts 3 days and accommodates hundreds of guests. Most just couldn’t afford that type of wedding or the time. But more than a small effort should be made to make sure that the wedding takes place where you can become something new and that when you return home as a married person you carry inside you the magic of that transformation.

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