Unlocking the Red Aura Meaning


Every person radiates an energy field. It is this energy that sometimes allows us to get a “feel” for the other person. Maybe you’ve reacted negatively to meeting someone for the first time or maybe you’ve felt a closeness to that person. Your reactions may sometimes be triggered by the kind of energy the other person is giving.

And that energy manifests in colors. One of the most intense aura colors is red. Discover the red aura meaning and how to tell your aura color.

What Does a Red Aura Say?

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Red is unmistakably eye-catching. It’s a strong palette many businesses use to attract customers and solidify their branding. Government agencies and other organizations use bright red to symbolize emergency situations, alerts and other events that call for urgency of action.

But what does a red aura mean?

A red aura says:

A person who radiates red is unapologetic but loyal; they are outspoken and live by their own rules. They are leaders of the pack, making them perfect for careers in business, politics or the military.

Red comes in varying shades, so some meanings may also differ.  A bright red aura may be preferable to a darker red.

Different Red Aura Colors and Meanings

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Cherry Red

When you’re radiating cherry red, your aura is balanced. This bright shade of red means you’re a positive person, and you’re good as a team leader because you’re fair and just.

Blood Red

When you’re giving off blood red aura, the meaning isn’t as upbeat as cherry red. This deeper shade of red means you’re too confrontational, and you’re likely to be hot headed. You may get into arguments or fights more than the average person.

Because of its intensity, is red aura the strongest of all the aura colors?

The Aura Color Chart

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In terms of personality, red aura could be the strongest aura. Someone with this energy is a force to be reckoned with, making them an outstanding person in any room. But this doesn’t mean that if you’re carrying another shade of aura, that you’re not going to be as strong as those who give off a bright red aura.

In the aura color chart, one of the more sought-after auras doesn’t even have a drop of color. What it does have is balance.


Reportedly the rarest of all auras, white aura means calmness; it also means the person has a well-balanced personality and may take on the energy of other people.


Someone who gives off a black aura means they’re carrying baggage from previous bad experiences. They may also emanate dark energy and may not be as kind as others who have a different aura color.


Grey auras indicate negativity. A person with this aura tends to also be skeptical about life, preventing them from opening up to rewarding possibilities.


The opposite of grey aura’s negativity; yellow aura means optimism. People who radiate yellow also have a lot of exuberance about life, recognizing the value of optimism and living in the moment.


People who give off a pink aura are givers. They freely give what is asked without asking anything in return.


Orange aura means a lot of energy. So much so that those who have this aura color have problems focusing on one thing; they are creative as well as overactive.


People who carry a blue aura are not prone to sharing what their feeling. They may also be emotionally sensitive.


Someone with a green aura is generally a nature lover; they welcome growth. They are also grounded human beings who work hard.


Indigo aura means an old soul.


Violet aura means a desire for spiritual awareness, psychic sentiments and deeper connections.


Someone with a teal aura may be closed off most times, not open to new experiences. They tend to be sensitive and uneasy with change.


A brown aura meaning is not at all good. It means insecurity and selfishness. It also means a need for cleansing.

More colors exist in the aura color chart since some of these palette blend, creating new shades and meanings. But the one you see here are the most popular aura colors — other than the red aura.

You may also have multiple aura colors, also referred to as the rainbow aura. It makes sense to have more than one shade of aura because people have a complex combination of emotions and energies. This type of aura also indicates that a person follows a healthy flow, with shifting energies and feelings.

But how do you know what sort of color you’re radiating?

How Do I Know My Aura Color?

You could read your aura through a couple simple steps. One involves a mirror and the other is a mere look at your hand.

With a Mirror

  • Stand in front of a mirror against a white background
  • Focus your eyes on the center of your forehead
  • Then scan the outlines of your head and shoulders without taking your focus off from the forehead
  • The colors you see will be your aura

Looking at Your Hand

  • Stand before a white wall
  • Put your hand up against it, spreading the fingers apart (as if to signal “stop”)
  • Concentrate on the outlines of your hand
  • The glow lining your hand is your aura color

Alternatively, you could find a clairvoyant or someone who knows how to read auras. Some people may be more attuned than others to people’s energies.

Why would you want to know the color of your aura?

What is the Color of Your Future?

Sometimes people forget to become the best version of themselves in a bid to get ahead in life. In learning to read your aura, you’ll become self-aware and discover just how you are interacting with the world.

Maybe you’re not conscious about how you deal with frustrating situations or other people’s behavior. Maybe you’re losing out on life’s best opportunities because you’re closed off. Whatever blocks you’re dealing with, recognition of your aura color, from red to orange to white, will allow you to shift to dynamic energies and a more balanced approach to life.

Today, you may be shrouded in a dark red aura dripping with venomous vermillion. But tomorrow, you may be embraced with a mix of cherry red, orange and a hint of violet.

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