Marrying Rich Makes You a Shallow Person? Here’s the Truth

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If you put “looking for a well-off partner” on your dating site profile, you’d probably get many rejects or even comments saying that you’re shallow or a gold-digger. Likewise, if you express on social media that money matters in an ideal partner, even your own friends may demonize you. Society has long since stigmatized people, especially women, who want to marry rich. They call them lazy, shallow, and materialistic, among other awful things.

But why shouldn’t money matter in a relationship or a partner? Money is the thing that will afford you a decent wedding, a home, good health, and security. As such, shouldn’t it be the most important thing in a relationship, especially a marriage?

While loving someone solely for their money is indeed wrong, looking for a rich partner doesn’t automatically make you shallow. It just means you’re practical and realistic. You know that love alone can’t pay the bills and ensure a secure retirement. You may not need to be a millionaire to sustain your marriage, but you definitely shouldn’t be broke.

How Rich People Look for the “One”

You may notice that rich people aren’t in a rush to get married. Some of them may suddenly get hitched, but it’s not because they’re in a hurry. Rather, they just thought the timing was right. If they found the person that fits into their life at the right time, they won’t hesitate to marry them as soon as possible. Take note that the person fits into their life, not someone they’re head over heels in love with.

While millionaires aren’t incapable of falling in love, they prioritize compatibility over feelings. They can truly love someone, but if that person isn’t suited to the high-society life (e.g., being a good mother to heirs), the millionaire will not marry them.

Elite matchmakers revealed that millionaires look for these four qualities in a partner: beauty, brains, body, and balance. Beauty is subjective; every millionaire has different standards. Brains can also be subjective, but what millionaires generally seek is someone who can teach them something. If a person challenges them, it attracts them more. Body, likewise, isn’t a fixed standard; as long as that person is healthy and can reproduce, they won’t mind what shape or size they are.


Lastly, balance is where money may come to play. Rich people don’t want to marry someone who will depend on them entirely. They also don’t want a needy partner. Instead, they want their partner to have their own career, passion, relationships — individuality, simply put. So if you’re looking for a rich partner, you should possess all those to help balance out their life. You don’t need to be as rich as them, but making just enough to sustain your own endeavors.

Non-millionaire people can learn from these standards. Of course, they don’t need to change their preferences in a partner, but they can benefit from realizing that feelings shouldn’t be put over compatibility. In the long run, a partner’s quirks won’t be endearing anymore. Your feelings won’t be the same either. But if you make a great match, and your money mindset is the same, your marriage will last, and it’ll be peaceful.

Why Money Matters

First and foremost, money issues are one of the factors that destroy marriages. By marrying rich, you can reduce your risk for money arguments. You won’t have issues sending your kids to a prestigious school. Your health will always be in check. You’d have your own house and dodge bothersome mortgages.

Money matters in a partner and a relationship for one simple reason: it’s an essential resource. If your partner is an impulsive spender, you’ll struggle to build up your joint savings. That will result in money arguments. If they are broke, they’ll depend on you, maybe even on their debts. That will strain your own savings and make you resent your partner.

Rich people may not be immune to money problems, but at least, they don’t have to make painful sacrifices to make it. You can maintain your financial security while they resolve their money problems. On the contrary, if you marry a broke person or someone with terrible financial management skills, your lifestyle can be compromised, triggering arguments.

So marry rich if that’s what will make you happy and secure. But keep in mind that your future partner should also be good at managing their money. If they abuse their huge income, their fat bank accounts won’t matter in the long run. So seek a high income, a personality that matches yours, and financial management skills, among other things, as you find the one. Those standards don’t make you shallow but determined to have a sustainable and comfortable life for you and your future family.

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