Can You Live The K-pop Idol Lifestyle?

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We all love music, but if there’s one genre that’s been spreading like wildfire and catching all four corners of the world by storm, then the crown most definitely goes to K-pop. With its girl groups like ITZY releasing a brand-new song, “마.피.아. In the morning” and hitting over 33 million views in less than a week of premiering, there’s no denying the nonstop appeal for these K-pop idols across every social media platform you can find.

Plus, a lot of dedication, hard work, and effort goes into writing and producing such unique and expressive music that it’s close to impossible not to admire the heart and soul they pour out for their fans in showing their talents to the world. But, now that these artists and idols have hit the mainstream have you ever wondered what life would be like in the shoes of a famous K-pop idol?

#1 Reinventing Your Talents

At the cornerstone of living life like a K-pop idol is the pursuit of further improving and realizing the true potential of all your talents. From the unwavering confidence to stand in front of the camera to the lengthy studio session of training their vocals, life as a K-pop idol is filled with rigorous daily practices to keep them at peak performance. And you’ll have to go through some serious reinvention of your skills if you dream of reaching their level.

  • Brush Up On Dancing: While a good singing voice is a prerequisite to becoming successful in the industry, you will also need to equip yourself with a dancing flare. A great place to start is brushing up on your dancing skills and learning how to express yourself through beautiful body movements. So, take the opportunity to enroll in online dance classes, and even if you’re not much of a dancer, the experience will be worthwhile.
  • Train Your Voice: Of course, even with an innate talent for vocals, K-pop idols still train their voice to surprise fans with their flexibility and give themselves room for more experimentation. And while we don’t expect you to have a studio room just waiting inside your house, you can make a lot of progress during your bathroom concerns by practicing some vocal drills. Plus, don’t shy away from professional training if you find singing very enjoyable.

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#2 Staying In Excellent Shape

If there’s one thing that all K-pop idols share in common apart from being extremely talented, then it has to be their excellent shape and constantly rocking super sexy and slim physiques. So, you could’ve probably guessed that once they’re done clocking in the hours for vocals training and dancing practice, they’re still spending the other half of the day working hard at the gym as well. Plus, they are also no stranger to eating super-healthy and sticking to very strict diets.

  • Grueling Workout Routines: K-pop idols are super athletic, and many have captivated numerous fans with their jaw-dropping physiques and six-pack abs on stage during a performance. So if you’re hell-bent on trying the K-pop idol lifestyle, it might be time you start heading to the gym more often and maybe try jump-rope training to get lean and mean. Overall, you’ll want to be more serious about fitness and staying in shape.
  • Strict Dietary Guidelines: We all know that working out only supplements the food you eat, and K-pop idols have commented numerous times that they follow strict dietary guidelines to stay in great shape. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying your casual desserts like a cake or some ice cream after a long day but definitely do your best to limit those cheat meals. In fact, counting your macros and being strict with calories is very much expected of you.

#3 Expressive And Bold Fashion Choices

Last but not least, anyone who’s seen a K-pop music video or witnessed what a K-pop idol looks like on their news feed will immediately tell you just how expressive and bold they are with their fashion choices. From the preppy aesthetic to the most badass combat-style outfits, there’s never a dull moment with how versatile their wardrobe can be. So if you’ve been stuck wearing your jammies ever since lockdown, then it’s time to get yourself that much-needed wardrobe makeover.

  • Effortless Hair Makeovers: Apart from clothes, their hairdos are always to die for, with the ever-changing pastel colors to the beautiful curls they sport for every new music video. Yes, we know that they have a stylist team ready to fix their look, but don’t cut yourself too short because you can make anything work with a good brush and hairdryer diffuser. And, with some practice and time, you can make your hair makeovers look just as effortless and natural.

It’s Tough Being A K-Pop Idol

In conclusion, if there’s one thing we can all learn about K-pop idols, it’s that their lifestyle is extremely tough to follow, and it’s very admirable that they’re able to put in so much effort. And while we don’t expect any of us to get anywhere close to their level, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of experimentation to see if you can handle the K-pop idol life.

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