How to Prevent Body Pain When Working from Home

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The benefits of working at home have been widely discussed and well-documented. However, there are some disadvantages to this more flexible arrangement.

Many people simply do not have the right equipment and furniture at home which can negatively affect their productivity. While, at the office, you have a comfy chair and a desk set up for your comfort and convenience, at home, you may have to do your tasks in rooms and use pieces of furniture that are not designed for working.

As a result, you may experience body pain. You may need to see a doctor for back and shoulder pain treatment. To avoid pain, here are some tips that you should keep in mind:

Put Your PC at a Comfortable Height

Are you able to maintain proper posture whenever you use your laptop? Or, like a lot of workers, hunch in front of your screen?

People who use computers daily for work often complain of body aches. Inactivity, as well as maintaining the same position for hours, is causing your muscles and tendons to become fatigued. Slouching will also put unnecessary strain on your back.

Make changes to your workstation to make it more comfortable for you. Raise your computer screen to eye-level so you are not looking down. Make sure that you can use your keyboard and mouse with your arms straight and close to the sides of your torso.

Place your computer screen on a stack of books or a box. You may have to buy a separate keyboard and mouse if you use a laptop.

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Avoid Sitting on Your Bed

Your bed is designed for lying down, not for sitting on. If you work from home, you should avoid being on your bed for the entire day.

Unless you are seated on the sides, you likely will have both your legs resting horizontally on the bed. Or, you may cross your legs to use it to support your laptop. Either position is bad for you. You also will likely slouch which, as stated above, will cause back and shoulder pain. Moreover, working on your bed may decrease productivity and hurt your sleep cycle. Keep the bed reserved as a space for relaxation.

Make the Most of Voice-to-Text Technology

Whenever possible, use smart assistants to perform simple tasks. Setting appointments, dialing a phone number, and writing an email can be done with voice-to-text technology. Repetitive movements, such as when you type on your keyboard and use the mouse, will cause body pain. Give your arms, wrists, and hands a bit of rest every once in a while.

Take a Walk

You have to make sure that your body is moving throughout the day, whether you are at the office or at home.

You need to take short but frequent walking breaks in between working. Find opportunities for you to stand up. When you have to call a client or your boss, do it while standing up. Do not leave your lunch or snacks beside you so you can force yourself to stand up and walk to the kitchen.

Better yet, put walking breaks into your schedule. It is easy to get lost in work and forget everything else. A reminder for you to stand up and walk will keep you healthy and stave off any pain.

If you add regular exercise to your daily routines, following these tips hopefully will prevent you from experiencing body pain.

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