Here is How I Get Rid of Tangles and Dull Hair

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Your hair can greatly affect the way you look, which means that you must be very conscious about it. Besides, who isn’t? We all basically want to have shiny, soft, and manageable hair, but sometimes, outside factors just wouldn’t let us have it. You do not have to worry, though, as there are lots of different things that you can do to transform your hair.

Finding Hair’s Lifesaver

I personally used to have dull and lifeless hair, but I strived harder to make it look shinier and manageable. My efforts did not go to waste and it remained that way, as long as I kept up with my routine.

First of all, I made sure to use the right type of shampoo and conditioner for my hair type. I made sure to go for organic and all-natural ingredients, as other shampoos and conditioners may contain chemicals that can be super harmful to the hair.

I use Kedma skincare Philippines’ Balsam Conditioner to keep my hair looking amazing all day long. It has a blend of Dead Sea minerals as well as plant extracts, which promises to promote a healthy scalp, shiny strands, and hair that smells ultimately good. It also has pro-Vitamin B5 that helps with maintaining moisture and keeps your hair longer and stronger.

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For the shampoo, I use Kedma’s Black Mud Shampoo. It gets rid of the tangles and dryness of my hair without stripping off the natural oils. I rinse the shampoo right away, while I keep the conditioner on for a couple of minutes to let my hair soak in everything.

It’s amazing how soft and shiny my hair feels like after using the Balsam Conditioner. I used to always have a hard time detangling my hair after taking a bath. It always seemed dry and lifeless, plus, it scares me to tug on it since it is especially brittle. It usually took me a couple of minutes just detangling my hair and trying to comb through it.

However, my hair situation eventually took a complete turn for the best when I started using Kedma’s Balsam conditioner and Black Mud shampoo. Both of these products make my hair feel soft and smooth, making it easier for me to get rid of tangles and knots in my hair. I can easily comb through my hair even with just my fingers after taking a bath and taking the towel off of my wet hair!

I used to think that having shiny and beautiful hair was a myth and only happened in television ads and movies. I was definitely wrong, as you only need to find the right type of products to use on your hair so you would get what you are really looking for. Besides, there is nothing wrong with trying out products so your hair will be in its healthiest state.

I suggest you try these products out for yourself if you really want to achieve that shiny and beautiful hair. Good luck and let me know how it goes!

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