No Curling Iron, No Problem: Ways to Get Curls without Heating Tools

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Sometimes, we got to give our hair a break. Thanks to the fact that plenty of us are still staying safe at home, that’s easier to do. With nowhere to go, you’re probably rocking a messy bun right now instead of having your hair blow-dried, straightened, or curled to the root.

Still, there are times when you have to look presentable. Maybe you have a conference call with your colleagues, have a Zoom date with your significant other, or your mom is checking in and you want to show her that you’re doing well. Understandable as a messy bun might be, that just won’t do.

Enter heatless curls. Curly or wavy hair can instantly take your limp locks up a notch. They are hairstyles that look effortless and will never go out of style. Fortunately, you don’t have to subject your hair to heating tools just to get perfectly curled locks. Below, we’ll show you five ways to get curls without the curling iron.

1. Go with old-fashioned hair rollers

Before curling irons were a thing, your grandma and maybe even your mom likely used hair rollers. Perfect for people with straight to wavy hair, hair rollers are a simple and straightforward tool for curling. All you need is to keep your locks lightly damp then roll them up using the rollers before securing them in place, depending on where you want the curls to stop. These rollers need to stay up for at least six hours, but once you let them down, you’re left with gorgeous, bouncy curls.

2. Get instant curls with hair extensions

Hair extensions are another way to get instant curls. Simply part your hair in sections horizontally then clip the hand-tied wefts in and your hair extensions will blend in with your natural hair. In less than ten minutes, you’ll be ready to face the virtual world with your curls.

3. Give braids a whirl

Add instant oomph to your looks by creating soft waves from braiding your hair. French braids themselves give girls a cute, preppy vibe. But once enough time has passed and you’ve undone the braids, you’ll have soft, wavy locks that add dimension to your hair.

4. Get photoshoot-ready using old magazines

Hair and makeup process

Are you ready for a bit of extra work? Then grab an old magazine, cut each page vertically down the center, then fold each snipped section in half. After that, grab a section of your hair, about an inch, and dampen it with water or hairspray. Wrap that section of hair around the strip of paper until you reach your desired length of curl then tie the ends of the paper into a knot. Do this until you have every section of hair you want to be curled tied between the strips of paper. Wait until your locks are fully dry before unknotting the paper and voila! Luscious, curly locks all over.

There are plenty of other methods you can try, including crimping and overnight curling. There are also hundreds of no-heat curling tools on the market. As long as you take good care of your tresses, you can permanently say goodbye to your curling iron with the heatless curls methods above.

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