Finding Gift Ideas for Every Age Group

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Someone’s birthday is coming up, and you want to make them feel special by getting them a gift? Well, it’s fairly easy to come up with the idea of making someone happy by giving them something during their special day, but finding out what you’re going to give them? That’s something that can take you weeks to think about.

Even if you’ve known someone long enough to know about their most embarrassing childhood moments, you still can’t come up with gifting ideas for their special day.

Believe us. We wish there’s a proven formula for finding the perfect gift that sits right between the sweet spot of thoughtfulness and practicality.

To make the brainstorming less stressful, we’ve created this list of how to think up the perfect gift for every age group:

1. Young children

There are thousands of gifts a child can appreciate. Toys, clothes, and with today’s kids—gadgets. But the number of choices is what’s making the task of looking for the right one difficult.

We’ve got you covered in this. The best baby gift ideas for toddlers can come from asking their parents about what their child can play with or wear. Most baby toys are divided into age groups because some toys can pose hazards due to babies’ habit of putting things in their mouths.

Most parents will be more than glad to tell you that their babies can already play with specific types of toys without much problem. Or, if you want to be spontaneous, you can opt for gifting cute clothes.

Children aged two to five years old are pretty easy to give gifts to. They openly express their interest in things such as toys, clothes, books, and many more. If you spend a lot of time around them, you will find it easy to come up with a gift. Some kids are also fond of telling people what toys or items they want.

2. Kids six to 12.

Children in this age range are already attending school, which means they already interact with people their age enough to have an idea of the things they like. During this age, they’ll show interest in school subjects, sports, and shows.

You can help your gifting ideation by asking them what they’re interested in, and from there, you can open yourself up to more specific choices and be able to pick the ones you think they’ll enjoy.

It also helps that today’s kids age in tune with technology. They can navigate smartphones and other gadgets without a problem. Meaning you can give them a gadget they can play games or watch children’s videos in.

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3. Teenagers

Thinking of what gift to give teenagers is probably the most difficult one. They all develop into different and new versions of people with varying interests. Some love what everyone their age does, and some prefer things that are more old school.

The best way to help yourself in gift hunting for people at this age is to observe them and their social media presence. More often than not, they’re expressive about the things they like. For example, a teenager posting many things about basketball or fashion would appreciate things related to those two. Plus, the gift feels more personal as you made an effort to find out what they like to make them feel special.

4. Adults

If the adult you’re planning to give gifts to is someone you frequently talk to or have close ties with, finding the perfect gift for them won’t be a difficult task. Just by paying attention to the things they often talk about–you can look into the things they like or want.

But if you’re a practical type of gift-giver, you’ll be leaning towards gifting them useful items such as toiletries, small household items, a trip to their favorite spa, or even gift cards.

As an adult yourself, it’s not difficult to be aware of the things people around your age would need or appreciate. Just by listening to your adult friends and family, you’ll find the ideas you need.

In the end, the most important part about giving gifts is the thoughtfulness behind the act. You don’t need to give people extravagant things to let them know that you care about them. So, don’t toss and turn thinking up ideas to make someone happy with material things. If you know they’ll appreciate something different, go for that different.

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