Don’t Let the Cold Winter Season Kill Your Fashion Sense

winter fashion

During the winter season, it might be tempting to forget all about your style and just give in to the layers of clothes you need to wear. Five layers of clothes and a down jacket to make you look like a walking ball of fur? Sure. As long as it keeps you warm and dry, right? Not exactly. You don’t have to look like drab in winter. The season shouldn’t affect your sense of fashion.


While you have to be bundled up and wear a cashmere fringe scarf, who says you cannot accessorize? Put on your chunky and chandelier earrings. Wear your stacking rings. Put on some bangles even if your arms are covered with a wool coat. Once you enter a building, you can take off your coat. You don’t have to still look dull under the coat. You can be your own little fashionista under all those layers of clothing.

Weather Forecast

Pay attention to the weather forecast. Your gloves, hats, and scarves are not necessary all winter long. There will be days when it’s a little bit warmer, so all you need is your wool coat and gloves. Some days will be rainy, so you need an umbrella. You don’t have to carry them all in your handbag. That will be such a chore. Make it a habit to check the weather so that you know what to wear and what to take with you.


wearing winter clotheswearing winter clotheswearing winter clothes

You need to be sensible when dressing for the winter season. You don’t have to look dull, but you also cannot wear your strapless dresses, backless loafers, and lightweight skirts. Focus on materials that will look good and protect you from the cold. You surely don’t want to fall ill just because you’re too hard-headed to believe that a light coat won’t survive the cold. Also, do you really like to go to work all drenched because you don’t wear the right coat?


Take care of your boots well. Invest in boots that will last for a long time. When keeping your boots in the closet during summer and spring, make sure that they are dry because they can get moldy. Buy protection spray for your suede and leather boots. Re-heel them when they start to fall apart. This way, you can wear them season after season.


Do you know what’s the worst style ever? Soggy hemlines. Cut the hemlines of your jeans so that you don’t drag them around the streets. During winter, whether it’s raining or snowing, your hemlines touching the ground will get soggy and wet. That’s the worst kind of fashion style.


Be sensible enough to carry a large tote. Because it’s cold, you’ll be wearing a lot of layers. This means that you need to take them off when you enter a building, a bus, or the train. You don’t want to be carrying them around. There’s a huge chance that you’ll drop items and never find them again. Carry a bag large enough for all your things.

Don’t be stressed out about winter. You can still look chic as long as you follow some basic rules. Also, put your safety in mind when deciding what to wear. That always comes first.

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