Energy Boost: Guide to the Right Sustenance for Extreme Workouts

Croissant sandwich with ham, cheese and tomatoes on wooden cutting board

Workout regimens require strict scheduling as well as a lot of focus on what you want for your body. But one of the most important aspects of exercise is your diet. Many people would go for what’s trendy or “in,” but not everything works for everyone.

Another misconception is that you have to try your hardest to eat as little as possible, and those who are unfortunate get sick or even hospitalized. As the body works, the need for it to gain sustenance increases.

If you’re doing heavy workouts, here is a short guide on important kinds of food you should have in your diet.

Greens and Produce

Speaking of healthy choices, fruits, and vegetables are always reliable. This is not only because they have vitamins and minerals, but because they, especially fruits, are also rich in liquids. Green, leafy vegetables are great antioxidants.

Fibrous fruits such as pineapple are good for eliminating toxins and clearing out fat from your body. They also help with maintaining proper blood circulation, which is essential during exercise. Introducing them to your diet doesn’t just affect your workout performance, but also your general body functions as well.

You don’t have to be strict with just eating them, as you can also ingest them in liquid form with the help of machines, such as a citrus juicer.


When you work out, it’s no secret that you will sweat a lot. This is one way for our body to get rid of toxins, and it also makes us lose weight and keep cool as well. Because of this, you should always hydrate yourself and drink water regularly.

If you’re exercising much more than the average person, you may also opt for sports drinks that add electrolytes into the mix. Of course, you should always remember that everything in excess is bad even for something vital such as liquids.

If you’re having a difficult time estimating how much you should drink, bring just enough for the duration of the workout plus the trip from the gym to your home.

Light Snacks

Croissant sandwich with ham, cheese and tomatoes on wooden cutting board

Heavy workouts will surely tire you out, and you’ll need more than liquids to sustain your body and get the energy back that you’ve spent doing all those extreme exercises. You can start helping your body’s recovery with simple snacks such as sandwiches.

The best part of it is that they’re easy to prepare and bring along to the gym. You can also make it healthier for you since there are recipes that are specifically made for people on a strict diet. Preparing your own food helps you monitor what goes into what you eat.

Living a healthy lifestyle is not without its challenges. The path to your desired body will not be easy, especially if you used to go on food trips and Friday night drinks with friends.

But with the right discipline and eating habits, you will be able to reach your goals, and all of your sacrifices are sure to be worth it.

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