Common Health Concern That Affect Seniors

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As we get older, our health deteriorates with it. It’s just the way of life. Our bodies change as we age because of the changes that occur in our bodies’ individual cells and in our organs. These changes result in a difference in how our bodies look and function.

According to Age UK, an estimated 4 million older adults in the UK are suffering from a limiting long-standing illness. Aside from the financial burden that comes with treating these illnesses, a senior loved one suffering from a certain disease may need to live in a senior care home so that a qualified nurse can assist and supervise them every day.

Family history and lifestyle both have a major effect on the risks for certain medical conditions. While it’s inevitable that our health and body will deteriorate as we age, there are many health concerns for seniors that can be prevented or make the progression slower through smart and healthy choices. If you have a loved one that’s currently a senior, it’s important to be there for support and remind them to lead a healthy lifestyle in order to avoid these common illnesses.


According to Cancer Research UK, Cancer accounts for more than 28% of all deaths in 2016. In 2014, cancer was responsible for almost a third of all registered deaths in the UK, with a total of 167,000 people succumbing to cancer that year. While cancer can be acquired from certain lifestyle choices, it can also be hereditary. Some people are born with a gene mutation that they inherited from their parents, and this damaged gene can put them at higher risk of cancer than most people. Bowel, prostate, lung and breast cancer account for more than half of cancer deaths in the UK.

Heart Disease

According to British Heart Foundation, heart and circulatory diseases cause more than a quarter of all deaths in the UK, with nearly 170,000 deaths every year and an average of 460 deaths every year. Heart disease occurs when plaque develops in the arteries and blood vessels that lead to the heart. While heart complications can also be hereditary, experts say that most deaths from heart disease could have been prevented through smart lifestyle choices. Doing more exercise, lowering your blood pressure, and following a plant-based diet can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease.

Lung Disease

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According to the British Lung Foundation, one person dies from lung disease in the UK every five minutes. 100,224 deaths of people aged 65 and above in 2012 were caused by various lung diseases such as pneumonia, pulmonary fibrosis, bronchiectasis, and asthma. Smoking is the main cause of lung diseases but it can also be from constant exposure to fumes and chemicals. Quitting smoking and even just reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke can make a significant change. For elders who are suffering from asthma, taking vitamin D supplements can reduce the risk of severe attacks.

Making healthy lifestyle choices at a younger age can help you avoid these common illnesses. Looking after yourself whilst you’re young significantly helps your living quality as you age.

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