Wine Advisory: A Night Cap for Good Health

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​Heavy drinking is not healthy from a medical and psychological point of view. Yet, a study reports that a limited intake of your favourite wine could stave off depression. Studies are revealing the many benefits of enjoying red and Prosecco wine gifts once in a while.

It turns out a glass of spirits is more than just a great party starter.

A wellness boost

Catching up on literature on the benefits of drinking wine in moderation reveals that wine is not only good for the heart and blood vessels. There’s more reason to keep your wine glass polished and ready for a nightcap. Wine is associated with a lowered risk for cancer and type-2 diabetes.

Yes, it boosts your mood as well, just as long as you don’t let the alcohol get in your head. These effects are associated with a core ingredient of wine known as resveratrol. This group of polyphenol compounds act as antioxidants.

Be heart-healthy with Resveratrol

Resveratrol is a compound found in grape skin and is therefore abundant in wine. Red wine is particularly rich in resveratrol because making it requires fermentation of grape skin. White wine has a lower concentration of resveratrol in comparison.

The known benefits of resveratrol include reduction of low-density lipoprotein or “bad cholesterol,” prevention of clotting, and lowered inflammatory response within blood vessel walls. Resveratrol is responsible for the recognised cardiovascular benefits of a nightcap.

It boosts the levels of good cholesterol, protects the arterial walls from damage that eventually leads to infarction and stroke, and improves endothelial (blood vessel wall) function. Aside from drinking red wine, you can imbibe resveratrol by eating grapes or drinking grape juice, particularly those that have purple or red colouring.

Other food sources of resveratrol are cranberries and blueberries. Supplements are available as well; however, not enough studies are available to ascertain the benefits of taking resveratrol supplements.

Drinking in moderation

We must emphasise that the recommendation on wine is to drink it in moderation. The alcohol content of wine puts people at risk for liver damage, as well as the mental deterioration that accompanies inebriation.

Based on studies, the highest concentration of resveratrol is found in Pinot Noir. This type of wine has a lower calorie count and sugar content than others, which boosts its health benefits. While it may seem that enjoying Pinot Noir on a regular basis favours good health and long life, remember that it is the doctor’s advice to always drink in moderation.

White wine

White wine being poured in a wine glass

While red wine is mostly at the spotlight when health benefits are concerned, we must recognise the health benefits of white wine as well. Recent studies reveal the presence of phenols in white wines, though not as high as in red wine, is beneficial as well.

That is, your body gets a healthy boost if you drink a glass of white wine daily and no more.

We must not get carried away. When you consume excessive amounts of Red wine and white wine, it won’t matter that your body is taking in greater amounts of polyphenols. A daily toast to your health should be enough and embrace other lifestyle modifications that promote cardiovascular health and boost the immune system.

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