Ways to Have the Wedding of Your Dreams

So your dream of planning your wedding has finally come, and you’ve always imagined it to be easy. But now that it’s here, you don’t know where to begin. Planning a wedding can always start with a bunch of chaotic ideas. You might be thinking about having a barn wedding in Minnesota, using string lights for your reception, and hiring a wedding singer all at the same time. If your wedding ideas are random and scattered, you won’t get to plan the wedding of your dreams.

Most wedding planners will tell you to start with your wedding theme. Once you have your theme chosen, everything else will fall into place. Here’s how you can select the theme that’ll turn this once-in-a-lifetime event into the wedding of the century:

Don’t Be a Cookie Cutter

While white wedding gowns, tuxedos, and formal-attire invitations seem like the norm for weddings, you don’t have to follow it if you don’t want to. Step out of the wedding theme box and think about being different from creating a lasting wedding memory. You can have more than one color motif, come up with your wedding ceremony, or choose an 80s wedding theme as long as it makes you and your partner happy.

Use Your Personality as a Couple

How do your friends know you as a couple? How would they describe you together? What activities do you love to do together? Use your answers to make a list of wedding themes to choose from. If you both love mountain climbing, think of a creative way to do an outdoor theme to design both the ceremony and the reception. Do you both like to listen to new wave? How about cooking up a “The Cure” wedding theme? It’s your party, so you and your partner can do whatever you want.

Consider the When and Where

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Once you have your wedding date, you’ll know what season your wedding will be in. If it’s winter, you can play with a rustic white wedding idea. If it’s spring, you can choose a floral theme of several colors. When you have that down, you should also consider the venue. You wouldn’t want to have a Boho wedding in Celtic Hall or full-on formal wedding on a beach. If you’ve chosen a place before choosing your theme, you have to make sure that your theme will work with the place you’ve chosen.

If It Feels Good, It’s the Right Choice

Now is the best time to go with your gut as a couple. If you feel that one theme is too much work, or too flashy, or too boring, let your partner know and vice versa. You should also do the same when you feel that a particular theme could work. Remember that this is a special day for both of you, and if it feels right, then that’s probably the theme that you should go with.

Your wedding theme is what’s going to hold the whole event together. Choose your colors wisely and use materials and textures that will compliment each other. Following these tips will help you and your partner find the perfect wedding theme for this special moment in your lives as a couple. Everything else after that will be history.

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