Things to Know When Buying a Burial Plot

Tombstone and graves in an ancient church graveyard

Losing a loved one can be a huge blow. Overwhelmed by the loss, some people go into a frenzy and end up making decisions toward the burial of their departed that cost them dearly. When it comes to choosing a place to bury a loved one, you need the help of someone who has the benefit of objectivity. Your send-off will be better if you work with a firm that offers funeral pre-planning services, for example.

To plan a funeral service in Clearfield, there are a lot of things that you will have to consider. For example, how much are you willing to spend? How much is available? Where exactly will you bury them? It is always a wise choice to plan early, even for yourself, by buying a plot early, for one. The following are the plot types that will be available for sale.

Single Plot

This type is usually the most preferred in many cemeteries. As the name suggests, this plot will serve one person. The space will be big enough to house the body of just one person/one casket.

Companion Plot

If you would like your loved ones to lay you side by side with your companion, you can both consider investing in a companion plot. These pieces are usually sold together, often for married people. They can be side-by-side pieces of land, or it can be one plot where the caskets will be placed one on top of the other. In the second scenario, the graveyard is dug to a double depth. Such plots are often cheaper than two singles that are beside one another.

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Burial Plots

Family Plot

Sometimes families opt to buy plots in cemeteries where they will all be laid. In most cases, there is a headstone, usually large, that is marked with the name of the family to identify the space. Every member of the family is buried there with a smaller headstone that identifies them. Sometimes the family plot could be many single plots that the family buys as one package.

Cremated Remains Plot

Some families opt to cremate their loved ones, either to honor their last-minute request or because it is a preference of the remaining family members. In such a case, you can choose to bury the remains alongside caskets in a graveyard. However, since these remains will take little space, most cemeteries allow for many urns to be buried in one plot.

There are often offers from cemeteries to buy space in an urn garden. This is usually a piece of land that has been landscaped to serve for burying cremated remains. In this case, the urn garden is an elaborate plot that allows you to have the urn as part of the landscape, on a rock or a bench. You can expect to pay significantly less for the urn garden than for a single plot.

Burying a loved one is difficult. Other than the grief families have to handle, there are also many other things demanding your attention. A lot of times, purchasing family plots early enough might reduce your demands so that you only deal with things like the caskets, maintenance fees, and headstone costs.

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