Stay in Touch with Your Adventurous Side with Outdoor-inspired Home Décor

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Exploring the great outdoors might have been your way to take a breather from your busy life. But the coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult to travel these days. If you can’t go out much yet, or you choose to ride out the pandemic at home, there are ways to stay in touch with your adventurous side.

You can start with your home décor. While others take extreme ways by turning their homes into urban jungles with indoor plants and even taxidermy, you can choose simpler nature-inspired décor options.

Install natural flooring

If your home needs a pick-me-up, and you don’t mind spending a bit, consider replacing your flooring with eco-friendly options like bamboo or cork. These options can be costly, but they look stunning and are hypoallergenic, not to mention they’re inviting to your feet. You can walk barefoot as if you’re on a beach or forest. Don’t have a budget for huge floor replacement? Consider having accent natural flooring.

Put up plant prints

Are you not up to taking care of tons of houseplants but want them in your home? How about you settle with prints? There are loads of beautiful plant illustrations done by different artists. Buy some and frame them. Then, put up a feature wall in the living room or bedroom to showcase gorgeous botanical prints.

Go for rattan decors and furniture

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Adding rattan chairs or baskets can inject tropical holiday glam to the monotony of your home’s everyday look. If you have a patio, rattan furniture pieces are great options to keep the space airy and relaxing. But never forget to pair these rattan pieces with patterned pillowcases, botanical or floral prints, and even other natural materials like wood. That way, the rattan’s natural beauty can take center stage.

Start a curio cabinet

Traditionally, a curio cabinet is used to display a collection of figurines, mugs, and other objects. Put a modern twist by taking out the glass and mounting the cabinet on the wall. Fill the sections with shells, rocks, feathers, and other things you found on your outdoor adventures. Consider painting the cabinet blue for a summer sky vibe or a mix of red and orange to mimic the sunset view at the mountain.

Add a home climbing wall

If you used to trek the mountains with friends and family, adding a home climbing wall is a good move. You can install modular climbing panels to the wall of your playroom. You can also build a new room around this custom feature. With this element at home, you won’t miss going on a hike anytime soon. Plus, you and your family will get a ton of exercise by playing around with these walls a few hours a day.

Give your living space—and yourself—a big breath of fresh air by decorating with nature and outdoor-inspired elements. This is a great way to spend time while staying at home amid a pandemic. And this is an excellent way to stay in touch with your adventurous side as you choose not to go out for a while.

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