How to Repel Negative Vibes

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Nothing can ruin your day if you keep your negative thoughts at bay and stay away from negative vibes. If you are surrounded by people who are pessimists, it will take a flick of a second to make your whole mood go in vain. No one can keep themselves smiling throughout the day and be happy all the time.

But people can always try to keep themselves surrounded by people who are the human form of sunshine. There are always people who tend to purposely idle mischief in the matters of others. It takes a lot of effort to repel yourself from such human beings. Bad vibes are not just caused by the mental state of your mind but also your physical condition.

Nevertheless, here are some suggestions to help you get started:

  1. Physical Health

First thing first, to set your mind in the right direction, maintain your physical health in its ideal state. A body that is deprived of its basic functions will always remain in a gloomy state. When you are feeling down, you want to interact the least with people and even stay isolated from others. The better state of health you are in, the better your mood will be.

Comorbidity such as diabetes or hypertension tends to easily cause long-term mood changes. Hence, saving yourself from such ailments and undergoing emergency urgent care physical exams on a semi-annual or annual basis, as suggested by your doctor, should be your optimal decision.

  1. Forgive And Forget

Imagine that you are angry at someone and you try to finish your assignment. Will you be able to do it? Or will you just keep thinking about your quarrel situation? The longer you stay angry at someone, the more it will affect your mood. You will not be able to focus on any work or even think otherwise. The best thing to do in most of these cases is to forgive and forget.

The other person will have zero sense of responsibility for your bad mood. But you, on the other hand, will drown in your pool of sadness. If people are least bothered by such situations and casually cut you off, you need to completely stand for yourself and cut such toxic people from your life.

Sometimes, it is not even the people that cause discomfort to you but your own thoughts. You keep punishing yourself for some past blunder and never move on. This can make you question yourself every day and thus you will always remain in a state of self-doubt.

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  1. Avoid Negative Talks

Do not engage yourself in conversations that tend to pull you back from moving forward. These chats can happen both with other people and even yourself. If you keep yourself busy with these unimportant discussions, most of your time will be wasted on giving satisfactory replies to everyone. You can be your greatest enemy when it comes to being lazy or non-serious about making certain decisions. So never hold yourself back, and avoid the inner voice that constantly nags and dictates the cons of doing something, instead of focusing on the better part.

  1. Give Yourself Achievement Breaks

When one works continuously for a long time, he/she tends to start breaking down and thus can not do any more productive work. Give yourself mini-breaks after completion of each task on your to-do list. These small breaks tend to stabilize your mood and act as a buffer in tiring situations. The break can be anything from a light snack to a light conversation with your work bestie.

  1. Pen down Your Thoughts

The best way to filter negative thoughts is to write them in an online journal or to pen them down in a personal diary. This is a great way to channel all your negativity and does zero harm to anyone. When you write down the thoughts that are causing a blockage in your mind and are thus being a hindrance, you reflect upon thinking about what is the root cause of your issues. And addressing the root cause will help you get over it much more easily.

Negative vibes can be driven by both internal and external factors. To channel them in the right directions and through the right means is very important. If you take all your anger out on anyone else, you will be accountable for their bad day. Similarly, surround yourself with people who don’t treat you irrationally. People like them are always the carrier of negative vibes. That said, keep yourself in a safe bubble that generates positive thoughts only.

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