How Does Hypothyroidism Affect Your Health?

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Rachel Stevens, Oprah Winfrey and Hillary Clinton all have something in common other than being well known in their respective fields. These women have hypothyroidism.

Like other health and medical conditions, hypothyroidism does not spare anyone. Regardless of whether you are rich and famous, or poor and homeless, you can suffer from hypothyroidism and its symptoms. Managing hypothyroidism through centers in Boise is one way to get through the condition. But before jumping deeper, the first step to effectively manage this condition is to understand it.

Understanding Hypothyroidism

The thyroid is an organ in the body responsible for producing the thyroid hormones that keep the body functioning well. In general, the body’s metabolism, sleep pattern, as well as hair growth, among others, all fall under the responsibility of the thyroid gland. If the thyroid does not produce enough hormones, then hypothyroidism happens. If it produces too much thyroid hormones, the condition is called hyperthyroidism.

Hypothyroidism has two common causes. First, it can be due to previous or current inflammation of the thyroid. Such inflammation causes damages to the thyroid cells, which lead to the insufficient production of the thyroid hormone. Another cause is due to medical treatments. Sometimes, the removal of the thyroid gland is necessary to curb other medical conditions such as thyroid cancer. If the remaining thyroid mass is not able to meet the body’s hormone needs, the result is hypothyroidism.

Symptoms of the Condition

woman gaining weightDifferent people have different symptoms depending on how long they have had the deficiency and how much hormones are needed to meet the standard level. But generally, people suffering from hypothyroidism have a slower metabolism, leading to significant weight gain. One can also feel constant fatigue, weakness and muscle pain. Significant hair loss is also a symptom of an underactive thyroid because hair follicles are regulated by the thyroid hormone.

People who suffer from hypothyroidism often experience a combination of these symptoms. However, there are also patients whose conditions are so subtle that it is often neglected and unnoticed.

Managing Hypothyroidism

Unfortunately, there is no known cure for hypothyroidism yet. But, there are ways to manage the condition to help the patient be relieved of the symptoms and have a normal life. Taking proper medication and having the necessary lifestyle and diet changes can have a huge impact on one’s thyroid health. Eating clean and avoiding food that causes inflammation can change the body’s reaction and subsequently, thyroid production.

Thyroid medication is likely to be taken for life because it is important to balance the thyroid levels to keep the symptoms at bay. Although there is no cure yet, finding the right treatment and management combination that works is possible through the help of various medical professionals and should be sought after as soon as possible.

If you feel like you or your loved ones might have hypothyroidism, do not hesitate to seek medical help immediately. The earlier you learn and manage the condition, the easier it would be to live with it.

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