How to Fix Mismatched Kitchen Furniture and Appliances

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“How do I fix mismatched kitchen furniture and appliances?” It’s a question that is not easily answered. There are many factors at play in this dilemma, but when all of these things come together you can have a complete transformation on your hands.

1. Create a budget and set a timeline

Regardless of whether you’re doing this on your own or hiring someone to do it for you, be sure to create a budget and timeline before beginning. You don’t want to end up spending more money than you can afford or taking too long because of procrastination. You have to know what you really want, whether to fix everything and opt for a full kitchen revamp or just work with what you have and make simple adjustments. Once you’ve done that, make a realistic budget and decide on a timeline for this project.

2. Find the right pieces to match your existing kitchen such as cabinets, counters, stovetop, and dishwasher

Now that you have a time frame and budget made up, it’s time to find the right pieces! These can be used in conjunction with your existing kitchen or as replacements for some pieces. For example, if you have an older stovetop and cabinets but a newer dishwasher this is where you’ll come in to play. You can find the right color and style that will blend seamlessly and give your kitchen a cohesive feel. If you’re not sure where to start, many professionals can help you do this!

3. Replace any old appliances that don’t work well or are out of style with new ones

This is the time to replace older, broken appliances if they need it or aren’t matching your furniture and kitchen design anymore. You can choose the most updated styles that you think will fit into your kitchen best. For example, if you’re doing a simple update of the appliances, this would be where you shop for new ones that match your needs and style preferences.

4. Add some pops of color to accentuate your kitchen’s design

Color can really brighten up a room! Are there any walls in your kitchen that are bland or need to be brightened up? If so, adding some color will do the trick! Just like with most furniture and appliances paint can make a huge difference. Pick out the right colors that you love and really bring your entire kitchen design together.

5. Hang up some art that matches your kitchen to give it a cohesive feel

Be sure to add in any pieces of decor that will match the rest of the design and really tie everything together! This can be artwork, photographs, or just interesting knick-knacks that you enjoy looking at. This will give your entire kitchen a good feel and it’s much more fun to look at than just blank walls.

6. Fixing furniture and appliances can be done on any budget — it’s all about creativity

This is the time to get creative if you have an old piece of furniture or appliance that just isn’t working anymore. With a little elbow grease and some creativity, you can give it an amazing new look without spending much money! For example, if you have old cabinets and want to update them but don’t want to buy brand new ones, sand the old ones down and stain or paint them for a completely different look. This will give you the opportunity to have that new look at a fraction of the cost!

7. Don’t forget about design — make your kitchen feel like home with personal touches

Just because you’re updating appliances and furniture doesn’t mean your kitchen needs to become an entirely different room. You can add some personal touches by keeping old pictures or decorations in the same spots to tie everything together. This will make it feel like home and give your kitchen a more personal touch.

8. Try to keep the same theme going so the furniture and appliances won’t clash with one another

As much as possible, it’s best to go with the same style for all of your major pieces such as your kitchen table, cabinets, and countertops. This way the furniture and appliances will all blend together for one cohesive look that flows beautifully and really updates your kitchen design!

9. Get inspired by looking through magazines, blogs, Pinterest accounts, television shows, etc.

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Don’t be afraid to look through pictures and see what’s out there! This is a great way to get ideas and figure out your style preferences before starting on the project. You may not use all of the pieces in someone else’s kitchen but it will give you an idea of what works best for you.

Updating your kitchen furniture and appliances can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! By following these simple tips you can make the process much easier and give your kitchen a brand new look. Don’t forget to get inspired by looking through magazines, blogs, Pinterest accounts, television shows, etc. to figure out your style preferences before starting on the project. Good luck!

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