Common Questions About Pet Preservation

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Pet preservation by freeze-drying is now an acceptable alternative to cremation or burying. While the process is relatively common today, a majority of people do not understand how it works and whether they can use it. Therefore, if you are considering pet preservation or taxidermy for your furry friend, this guide will enlighten you more on this trending practice. 

How does freeze-drying preserve your pet?

Freeze drying is a mechanism where special techniques are used to carefully eliminate all the moisture present in the tissues of an animal’s body while keeping the animal intact. This works by exposing the pet’s body to very low pressure alongside a vacuum for a prolonged period. The drying process takes place in controlled temperatures that help in preventing tissue decay. As a result, your pet is dried in their natural state such that they retain all of their features and a realistic, almost alive appearance. 

How long does the procedure take 

The goal of freeze-drying is to ensure that the pet is retained in its original form in every way possible. Due to the sensitive nature of the tissues of a dead animal, utmost care and attention to detail must be followed. The time it takes to freeze a pet significantly depends on its weight and size. On the regular, a small cat or dog such as a Chihuahua can take up to five months to properly freeze.

Larger pets, on the other hand, take more than seven months to preserve. These statistics have been gathered from various experts. That means, since every pet is unique, the preservation time might be shorter or longer. 

How is the appearance after the treatment?

The one thing that has made freeze-drying a popular choice today is its realistic appearance of your fur friend after the treatment process. You can share photos and request your most preferred pose or position, and the technicians will work to deliver a natural and realistic appearance. If the process is perfectly done, it will be hard to tell whether the animal is alive or dead. 

How long will the pet last?

If you follow all the proper care and maintenance guidelines, a freeze-dried pet can last for a lifetime. Clean the pet often, dust it occasionally to prevent dust accumulation, and ensure they do not get stained. Treat the pets by gently brushing their hair and petting them. Most importantly, always keep your pet free from moisture and high humidity areas, as these would result in deterioration of the tissues.

Additionally, avoid exposing the pets to direct sunlight for too long, as this causes their fur to fade. With the right care, the pet can last your entire lifetime without deteriorating. Moreover, when well taken care of, you can carry them around and pet them without the fear of damage.

How do you prepare the pet for freeze-drying?

If you want to get a high-quality job, you should promptly prepare the pet as soon as it passes on. If you are not decided but are considering preserving your pet, taking the following steps as soon as the animal dies will help in creating the most natural and best-looking memorial out of your pet. 

  1. Keep the animal’s body dry. 
  2. Remove as much fur as possible from the animal. 
  3. Put the animal’s body inside a plastic bag, such as a garbage bag. Do not use additional papers or blankets as padding inside the bag. 
  4. Put the now wrapped body inside a freezer. 

If you decide to freeze-dry, you can ship or personally deliver the pet in a frozen state. Contact the freeze-drying company for specific instructions in packing and shipping the animal. Ensure to share photos at this point and any preferred poses for the final appearance of your best friend. 

If cremation and burying feels too final and devastating for your heart, you no longer have to bear the agony, as freeze-drying will help you keep your pet for as long as you want. Have them made to the perfect pose and designate an area for them in your home where they can be placed. Apply all the care guidelines and enjoy your pet for as long as you live.

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