Common Myths About Wine and Drinking

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So, you’ve just received another fancy wine delivery from your all-time favorite brand or shop in the UK. Whether it’s a gift from a close friend or something you bought as a personal reward, there’s no reason to hide that new purchase or feel embarrassed about putting a few pieces of ice cubes in your Pinot noir. There are so many “rules” floating around about wine and drinking it, but here’s some good news: It’s time to finally enjoy those reds and whites without thinking about other people’s judgments. Here are some myths and misconceptions every wine and alcohol lover should let go of:

Misconception #1: All types of wine get better as they age

So, you’ve been keeping that unopened bottle of wine you’ve bought several years ago in your pantry, waiting for the perfect timing to finally pop that cork and enjoy its increased value and quality. Unfortunately, you may have been wasting time letting that bottle sit. According to experts, a staggering 90 percent of all wines produced around the world have been formulated for quick consumption – within a year or two from the time it’s been made. In fact, many wine enthusiasts have expressed their preference for young and fresh wine.

Misconception #2: Red wine should be served with meat and white wine with fish

Even if you’re one of those who get extremely overwhelmed and confused when presented with an extensive wine list, you’ve definitely heard of the unwritten rule that reds go with meat and whites should be paired with fish. But what many people don’t understand is that there’s a wide spectrum of red and white wine, and this is also true even for fish and meat.

Compared to when paired with a lighter white wine, a fatty, meaty type of fish such as salmon, tuna, or swordfish complements and tastes a lot better when paired with a medium-bodied red. Many aficionados may beg to disagree, but white wine and steak may actually work together if you find the right combination. If you’re planning to enjoy a thick slab of beef, you may be surprised at how well a fruity, robust white like Chenin blanc may work.

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Misconception #3: Compared to mixed drinks, beer and wine are less intoxicating

A bottle of beer, a standard glass of wine, and a shot of whiskey may have the same amounts of alcohol. So, it doesn’t matter what type of alcohol you consume. As long as they contain the same volumes of alcohol, they can all be equally intoxicating.

Misconception #4: A quick way to sober up is to get caffeinated

The body dissolves alcohol at a rate of .015% BAC per hour. While many people have attested to how effective it is, drinking coffee doesn’t change that rate of dissipation. So, even if you consume coffee after a fun night out, you’ll still need an hour to get rid of all that alcohol from your system. Other factors, such as age, gender, and weight aren’t related.

Enjoy that glass of wine as you watch your favorite show or chat with your friends. After all, it’s better relished when you invite someone special over.

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