Chores & Errands You Mustn’t Forget to Do Before Traveling

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Returning from a trip can often be a bittersweet experience. On the one hand, you’re back in the comfort of your own home and can finally get a real rest after spending days or weeks on the go. But on the other, returning home also means that you’re going to have to go back to your usual routine, which can definitely be a bummer after spending some time lazing by the beach or exploring an unfamiliar city.

But you know what can make the experience worse? Returning home to a long list of undone chores and errands–plus having to accomplish them while you have a vacation hangover. That said, do your future self a favor and take care of these tasks before leaving for your trip:

Do the laundry

Imagine this: you just got home from one of the best trips of your life. You have work the next day, but then you find out that you have nothing to wear because you didn’t do the laundry before leaving. Not the best situation to come home to, especially if you’re pretty beat from traveling. Moreover, you’re going to have to do the dirty laundry in your suitcase as well.

Save yourself from this hassle by emptying your laundry hamper before you leave. If you don’t have the time, you can opt to drop off laundry at a laundry service or have it picked up from your house. In any case, accomplishing this chore before going on vacation will ensure that you can rest immediately after getting home instead of doing the laundry for the next day.

Finish the perishables

If you’re going away for more than a week or so, make sure you finish the perishables in your pantry and fridge. This includes fruits, vegetables, eggs, dairy, bread, leftovers, and other food that will otherwise go bad if you don’t consume it now.

When arriving home from a vacation, the last thing you want is to have to clean out spoiled food from your fridge or pantry. Not only is this a gross and completely avoidable chore, but it’s also a big waste of food. If you can’t finish all the food, consider giving it to your neighbors or a local soup kitchen.

Pay the bills

Don’t forget to pay the bills that are due within the duration of your trip. You can pay online while you’re away, but you can risk forgetting and then receiving late fees on top of your bills. Paying early is the safest choice in this situation, especially if you’re going to be away for quite some time.

Do some general cleaning

Cleaning may be the last thing on your mind while preparing for a trip, but returning to a clean house is definitely better than returning to a dirty one. Apart from that, cleaning before leaving will give you more time to rest after returning from your trip, which is essential if you want to get back to your normal routine as quickly as possible.

Here are some cleaning tasks that you might want to do before leaving:

  • Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping the floors
  • Wiping down kitchen and bathroom countertops
  • Cleaning the toilet, bathtub, sink, and shower
  • Removing dust from surfaces and furniture
  • Replacing bedsheets and pillowcases
  • Organizing your closet
  • Clearing out your desk

Mow and water the lawn

If you’re only going away for less than a week, mowing and watering the lawn once should be enough to keep your lawn healthy while you’re away. But if you’re going to be away for more than a week or so, set the notch one setting lower on your lawnmower to prevent your grass from getting overgrown. Moreover, you should also water your lawn deeply to let the soil absorb as much moisture as it possibly can, which will help keep your lawn hydrated while you’re away.

Alternatively, hire a lawn care service to take care of your lawn while you’re away, especially if your trip will last for two weeks or more.

Accomplish work tasks

Few things are worse than having your boss call you while in the middle of vacation to say that you forgot to do something for work. So before going on your trip, ensure that you’ve finished your work commitments so that no one bothers you while you’re sipping margaritas by the beach.

Traveling is a great way to escape the usual routine that we have at home. But no matter how far we go, we’ll always come back to the responsibilities that we leave behind. So do yourself a favor–do these tasks (no matter how tedious that may be) before going on your trip. In this way, you can return to zero or minimal tasks on your to-do list and focus on getting some rest.

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