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Debt: How It Can Ruin Your Life

U.S. consumer debt has reached a record high of nearly $17 trillion. Debt can affect your mental health, leading to depression, anxiety, and stress. High debt levels can affect your

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mother spending time with her daughter

5 Tips to Be an Effective Parent to Your Child

Set clear boundaries and consequences to ensure structure and consistency for your child. Encourage open communication by setting aside time to talk, practicing active listening, validating emotions, and leading by

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5 Ways to Ensure Success for Your Child’s Academics

Establish a positive home environment with structure, consistency, open communication, and positive reinforcement. Communicate with teachers to stay updated on your child’s progress. Provide enrichment opportunities such as extracurricular activities

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Fun Ways To Spend Your Extra Cash

Don’t just add extra cash to savings or one big purchase. You can have fun spending your extra cash. Join online competitions for a chance to win money and the

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