Brits’ Holiday Haven: Spain

Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain.

Spain, including the Balearic and Canary islands, is one of the several countries where the British people love to spend holidays. The country is home to a rich culture and history, beautiful sceneries, and, of course, excellent food.

Apart from a very memorable experience, you can also gain new friends and priceless memories throughout your tour in various parts of Spain. There are different tours that visitors from the United Kingdom can avail.

Guided tours include road cycling holidays in Spain, pub or restaurant crawls and group van tours.

Cultural Tours

For the history buff and cultured bloke, you may try the guided holidays that include road cycling in Spain’s historically-rich areas or a driving tour that will explore the country’s ancient culture. Catalonia, located in the northeastern part of the country, is particularly abundant with archaeological sites, cave paintings, and historical sites that portray Catalan’s revolutionary history. Art and cultural tours are also available in Barcelona, the famous capital city of Catalonia.

Food Tours

If you are not a fan of history and the arts, you may find the art of beer and winemaking far more interesting. The country is widely known and famous for producing exquisite wines. Food and wine driving tours, which are incomparable to your average pub crawl, are widely popular not only with Brits but also with American nationals.

These tours commonly visit the famous vineyards and wineries across the country. Here you can learn how the locals produce export-quality wine and how one wine differs from the other.

Countryside Bicycle Tours

For bicycle tours in the countryside, many tours take the route that includes Catalonia’s Pyrenees mountains and the coastline of Costa Brava. Many people also prefer the Greenways route (Vias Verdes), also located in Catalonia, which is not open for vehicular traffic.

Although bicycle tours highly prefer Catalonia’s countryside, other parts of Spain are open for road cycling tours and holidays. Alicante, which is home to scenic beaches, is also a preferred area for many bicycle riders.

Tourists have increasingly chosen bicycle tours over other tours because they want to witness the idyllic life in the countryside. Unlike other tours, bicycle tourists are not pressed for time. They also feel closer to nature, the people, and culture.

Other Tour Essentials: Accommodations, Weather and Security Situation

couple tourist using a map

Before you finally choose your preferred tour, you should take note of other important factors such as accommodations, the weather, and the ongoing security situation. Better take note that your priority to have secure and safe housing. You must also consider the weather.

Although you can have your cultural or food tour during the rainy season, a sound logic would dictate that you may not be able to take your road cycling tour. Meanwhile, you should consider the ongoing security situation in the specific area where you intend to have your trip.

Monitor the area for any possible unrest, an unusual number of tourist-related crimes, and other disruption that may impede your travel or cause harm to you.

And more importantly, you should always ask yourself if you will be able to enjoy your preferred tour or if you will be able to have new, treasured memories before you make your final choice. Lastly, keep in mind to “enjoy the journey and not just the destination.”

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