6 Signs You Are Ready to Go Under the Knife

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Plastic surgery should never be done without putting enough thought into it beforehand. So if you’re considering getting plastic surgery, whether it’s something simple like a brow lift or something more complex like a corrective rhinoplasty or nose job, make sure you’re ready for it.

1. You’ve done your research

Don’t go under the knife without learning about what’s going to be done to your body. Research the basics of the procedure you intend to undergo and find out what are the physical effects that you may experience. Then, find out how much it costs and which plastic surgeon in your area has lots of experience with that particular procedure.

Once you find a suitable plastic surgeon, check their credentials, experience, and reputation, among other patients. If you have more questions about the procedure, save them for the doctor during your first appointment.

2. You are financially capable

Plastic surgery doesn’t come cheap, and you shouldn’t go broke for it. Since plastic surgery procedures usually aren’t covered by health insurance policies, you have to be financially prepared to pay the full price of the procedure. However, you don’t have to pay full upfront–you can get a payment plan from your plastic surgeon if it’s available.

But whether you’re paying in full or in staggered payments, don’t book the procedure if it’s going to drain your savings account. You still have to eat, pay bills, put gas in your car, and be prepared for any unexpected expenses.

3. You can have enough recovery time

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Most plastic surgery procedures require a certain amount of recovery time afterwards. It can be difficult to resume work or school after the procedure, so make sure you have enough time to recover. If you don’t have enough vacation days at work or can’t take a break from school, as well as your other responsibilities, it may not be a good time to get plastic surgery.

4. You are physically and mentally healthy

Ensure that you are in good physical health and in a stable mental state before booking a plastic surgery procedure.

5. You’re doing the surgery for yourself

Another good sign that you’re ready for plastic surgery is when you know that you are doing it for yourself–not your partner, not for your family, and not for your friends. Your willingness to change your appearance must stem from your desire to improve your life and boost your confidence. It has to be for you, not for someone else.

6. You have realistic expectations about the results

Plastic surgery is not going to solve all of your problems. Moreover, it’s not always going to turn out how you expect it to. Before you book a procedure, set realistic expectations about the results.

If you have any lingering doubts about getting plastic surgery, don’t do it. But if you observe these signs in yourself and know that you are ready for plastic surgery, find a surgeon that you can trust and book your first appointment. They will also be able to help you decide if you are really ready for surgery.

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